Become a Love Humanity Brand Ambassador or Social Influencer!

Join our team of socially conscious Brand Ambassadors and Social Influencers, help support those in need and experience the rewards of giving while earning.

Our Ambassadors and Influencers love helping children and are driven to better the world. They love meeting new people and engaging with difference makers in spreading the love of humanity and helping others…while selling fashionable items and earning effective income.

Does this sound like you? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty? Do you dream of a better world, a world that empowers those in need?

We are looking for new independent sales reps to join our team as Brand Ambassadors and Social Influencers.

Brand Ambassadors are paid independent reps, and must submit payroll and tax information to Love Humanity. Social Influencers are unpaid independent reps and do not need to submit any payroll and tax information.

Each Ambassador and Influencer receives a customized discount code to share on social media profiles and within posts, in emails, in text or in flyers and business cards. In exchange for promoting Love Humanity, we offer our Brand Ambassadors an opportunity to make commission on a portion of the sales purchased using their discount code. We also offer bonuses for each referral received from Brand Ambassadors. Our compensation plan is generous as it scales with your success!  Social Influencers can earn free merchandise through sales made using their discount code. 

Both Brand Ambassadors and Social Influencers can also purchase products at a discounted rate.

For us, it's all about uplifting our community and our brand, and making a positive social impact on humanity while supporting the success our Love Humanity Team.

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