Our Story

Our Founder's Welcome

Thank you for visiting LoveHumanity.com and supporting our mission. Your kindness helps bring life-saving relief for children here in the U.S. and across the world.

When I started this business, all I wanted to do was help end the suffering so many kids needlessly go through – particularly children living in poverty. I always found myself thinking, “There has got to be something more we can do.” Writing and mailing checks to children’s charities simply made me want to do more. I had to do more.

I believe in the common good of people and that most people truly care. We all ache in our hearts for humanity’s children, how can you not? Just look around you – 20% of U.S. children live in poverty… 9,000 children die everyday simply from malnutrition… 300,000,000 children annually fall ill to malaria, one of many avoidable childhood diseases that lead to a lifetime of suffering.

If we allow ourselves to really stay connected to the suffering of others, our hearts indeed ache. Escaping or "turning away" is not something I have ever been able to do to people in need.

My promise is that we will do everything we can to help. We will passionately serve our mission as our sole purpose for being - in helping to improve the lives of children and families in need.

Designing and selling product is only a means to an end for me - which is to educate and empower poor children, and to help end the needless cycle of poverty affecting millions of people world-wide.

If you would like to join us, please visit our Ambassador Program to see how you can earn while giving back.

Remember...“Love Begins with You!™”


How We Work ~ How We Give

Our purpose is to be a messenger for love, for human possibility, and for inspiring people to connect.

To give effectively, we partner with charities with a successful record of improving children's lives in the U.S. and worldwide. We also partner with community based charities that have a great story, are led by courageous and effective leaders, and are aligned with a strong and measurable impact that parallels our Mission.

10% of every purchase you make is donated to the charity you choose at checkout.

10% of our annual net profits are donated to charities aligned with our Mission.

At our events, we also hold Charity Partner Campaigns with $10.00 donated for each item sold (Coming Soon).





As we grow, our mission will expand into grassroots and community based programs.

This process will be based on our core value of making practical decisions for achieving effective, positive social impact.

We are currently planning the following programs:

- Love Humanity Empowerment Cafe's will be opened in neighborhoods offering educational support, empowerment training, and health and nutrition guidance.
- Love Humanity Home Sweet Home Services* for families living in poverty.
- Love Humanity Charity Partner Campaigns to raise funds for poor and homeless families.

*Teddy is also the Founder/CEO for TJ's Painting & Renovations Co., which has served the Philadelphia area for 20 years. His trade business expertise will provide immeasurable value for successfully bringing Home Sweet Home Services to poor families living in substandard homes.

Philly to LA ~  Our headquarters is in Wayne, PA – a suburb of Philadelphia. We also have an office in Los Angeles.